Day 32: More ice than ducks

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Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 7.21.28 PMSunday was tough. Not only was it freezing cold early, there are no more ducks than there were a week ago. It’s kinda sad. Lots of areas with shallow water had ice this morning, but nothing compared to the next few days. If you aren’t hunting on some big lake somewhere or the Mississippi River, you’ll be hard pressed to find any open water.

The ducks that are here weren’t flying today. The bunch I’ve been hunting with in south Arkansas had a good day shooting gadwalls, but that will be over tomorrow. It’s freezing up everywhere. We had no good reports today. Even Hwy. 15 was slow. I don’t know what to say. I know there are a bunch of ducks coming, but they are passing us over to go further south. It may freeze almost all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. I’m just hoping in a few days when it starts to thaw, they’ll come back this way.

We’ll see. if you go the next few days, be extra careful to stay warm and dry. Those are life-threatening conditions out there on the water. Be safe.