Day 32: No ducks

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Cold weather. Lots of water. But no ducks.

We had two mallards come in as singles this morning and we got them. That was it. Two ducks. After that, we didn’t see a duck. We didn’t even hear any shooting. It was still this morning and you could hear a long way. We heard four or five volleys early and then it was just silent. There aren’t any ducks in the sky. Even the geese are gone. I guess we are just kind of in the middle.

Look, I hate to bring a report like this. It is discouraging for sure. If I can see ducks, I can at least think I can get them in. But not to see any. Gee. But I’ve got to believe better days are ahead. We will get push and get some ducks down here.

I’ve talked to people everywhere and it’s pretty much the same. Some guys I talked to down at Vidalia hunt along the Mississippi River. I thought with the river out in the woods the ducks might be down there. But they are not. Same thing everywhere else. I talked to some guys that hunted up in Overflow today. They killed six.

Early this week looks like duck weather. It should be frozen up in a lot of places in the morning. But it warms up at week’s end before cooling down again early next week.  Here’s a quick look at the predictions through next weekend. As far as duck predictions, who knows?

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