Day 33: Cold on the way

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screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-5-48-08-pmWell, you folks that have been worried about the 60-70 degree temperatures don’t have to worry any longer. It looks like cold weather is on the way again. I hope it doesn’t get too cold and freeze up the shallow areas badly.  We’ve got a good many ducks right now and if we freeze over, they could go south on us.

The other half of that situation, though, is that if it freezes up above us, we’ll get some new ducks. There is definitely going to be a winter storm come across the middle of the country above us this week. We just have to have a place for them to stay when they get here. My favorite part of the forecast the rest of the week is that it is supposed to be mostly sunny, not a cloudy rainy mess like we had Monday. Ducks just work so much better when it is sunny and we have some wind.

Even with the storms Monday, we heard some good reports of success. The ducks flew in between the bad weather and were looking for somewhere to get down out of the bad weather.

Stay safe AND WARM out there. Come see us for your sporting goods needs. We’re here for you.