Day 33: Two good days in a row on the mallards

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Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 6.36.45 PMWe had some really good hunting in the woods this morning. We’re back in there in a good little hole that we’ve always had pretty good luck on. They are feeding in the fields close to us, then coming to the woods to hang out and rest. We’ve seen a lot of ducks. The thing about spots like this is you can’t over hunt them or they’ll catch on. We saw a lot of mallards this morning and that’s always fun. There are still lots of pintails in the area.

The fields were spotty this morning. We had one blind kill four and another killed 12. Of course, 12 isn’t what everybody wants, but that’s a good hunt. This morning we had some sun and a little wind and that was the difference. It clouded up for a while and they just shut off. The sun popped back out and the birds were flying. I think if we could get a stretch of days like that, there are plenty of birds in the area to have some good hunting.

When there is no wind and it’s cloudy, man, it’s tough.

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