Day 34: A quick limit

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Even if there weren't any ducks, it's hard to beat a view like this to start off the day.
Even if there weren’t any ducks, it’s hard to beat a view like this to start off the day.

Three of us got 18 ducks this morning before 7:45 so it was a good morning. We got a lot of teal coming in early, then some really good groups of mallards flying. But all this fresh water had them wanting to go to the new water on the edge of the field. We would get a couple to break off the group and work, but most of them headed there, especially when some started landing on the water.

We ended up with nine mallards in our limit and had one speck, too. I’m trying a spot up close to the Arkansas line in the morning. The fresh water shouldn’t be an issue there and we have let it rest a bit. It’s a little far for us to go when we have to get back in to the store early. We’ll have a report tomorrow.

I’m encouraged by the number of ducks. We’re seeing good bunches and with this cold weather coming, we should see more.

Be safe out there.