Day 34: Baby It’s cold outside

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Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 7.27.22 PMWhere’d everybody go?

Still frozen. Still slow. That’s Tuesday’s report. The ducks that are around here must be feeding on dry ground or finding some deep water slough because everything else is still frozen.  I don’t know if any guys went today or not. And tomorrow will be just as bad. I’m going deer hunting where I can put a heater in the stand with me.

I did hear some encouraging news, though. At least I think it is encouraging. A friend actually had some ice heaters and thawed out enough area to hunt Monday up around the Cache River area. They killed a limit of mallards in that hole. But today the ducks were gone. The encouraging news is that he told me they saw thousands of flight ducks high in the air. The kept coming and coming just like the old days. But I don’t know where they will stop. They will at least end up in south Louisiana if not South America!  Seriously, I think when it thaws out later this week, it could really be on this weekend. Even if it isn’t, that south wind will come back sooner or later and there are ducks to come back with it. We will see.

Stay tuned. . .