Day 34: Lots of birds, wrong way wind!

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Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 6.45.20 PMYou know I love the wind to keep the ducks moving and make them work. But we had the second day of a bad wind this morning. We had a west wind and it just wasn’t good for the blind we were in. We hunted the field and the ducks kept working behind the blind instead of coming in towards us. That blind has a roof on it, too, and that just made it hard to see out or turn and shoot.

We did end up with 18, but we were way short of a limit for the five of us. Had we had a good wind, we would have limited out in 15 minutes. They were mostly teal, but we had a lot of birds. Things just weren’t right.

We are going to ring in the New Year with another hunt in the morning. My New Year’s Eve party will end about 8 p.m.! It looks like it will be a little less windy tomorrow, but it’s good and cold. Maybe that will get them moving.

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Happy New Year! Keep it safe!