Day 35: A good hunt

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Happy New Year to you and yours! I hope you get to break in the New Year with some good duck hunts. I was pretty excited about our New Year’s Eve morning hunt because it was clear and there was a good win. But we didn’t see as many ducks as I had expected. We had a good hunt and got 22. We stayed awhile thinking it would get better, but it wasn’t real fast.

We had a young hunter with us and getting him some good action was more important than us killing more ducks for sure. We had a good day there. We did get 15 mallards. We are seeing lots more mallards than usual, especially for the fields. I think there are two reasons. First, there are just more mallards this year in the migration. And second, the woods just doesn’t have any water, so they are coming where the water is.

That may change with another rainy weekend. I hope we get in a good hunt Thursday before the rain starts again in the afternoon.

Keep after them. We’re in the home stretch. My work schedule is about to lighten up, so I’m going to spend more time getting after them myself. Have fun and be safe out there.