Day 35: It was a weak Hump Day

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Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 12.09.09 PM
See the ducks up in the sky? Nope. We don’t see them either.

We didn’t get over the hump Wednesday. Not when it comes to ducks. It was pretty weak. I don’t think we’ve ever had as many days during duck season when it was just totally still at daylight. Man, that’s frustrating. Ducks have to have some reason to get up and fly and when it’s 50-60 degrees, gray and no wind, they just sit wherever they landed last. There were very few people who even went today.

This rain coming through tonight may stir them up a bit. There should still be some wind Thursday and Friday. We’ll see. And it’s going to be cold this weekend, so hopefully the change will bring more birds and stir up the ones we have. They are still killing a few geese in some areas and that’s saving some hunts for a few folks.

Stay safe out there.