Day 35: Not too good today, but lots of hope

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img_0082We didn’t do so good Wednesday, but there is lots of hope for Thursday and Friday. There are a lot of ducks flying and when we were coming out today, just about every field we passed on a long four-wheeler ride had ducks in them. Most of them were mallards. There are lots of ducks, especially compared to recent times.

We only got seven ducks but there were high gray skies and that 30 mph wind was making the ducks fight coming into the decoys. They would come up with that wind, but then just sail right on by and the gray sky just made them spooky.

We hunted a different spot that had a five-mile ride in on a four-wheeler. There were ducks, we just couldn’t get them to work. That’s what has everybody hoping for a good weekend if it doesn’t freeze over too bad and stay frozen.

The good news is that I feel like we have already killed more ducks this season than last year all together and this was just day 35. We’ve still got a month of hunting left!

Be safe out there and stay warm!