Day 36: Ducks win

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On a day when the season’s biggest college football games are being played, at least one winner was easy to pick:  The ducks. I’m not talking about Oregon, either. This morning was pretty nasty and it was another good day to be a duck, not a duck hunter.

We didn’t have a bad hunt, but we had to stay until noon for our group to get 22 ducks and five geese. We saw fewer ducks this morning than I’ve seen in a week or 10 days. It was a bad combination of no new ducks flying, not many people hunting to stir them up and just plain nasty, gray still weather. When the wind picked up mid-morning, I thought the hunting would too, but it didn’t.

This rain and more rain tomorrow will probably scatter the ducks, but after the rain, hopefully cold weather north of us will send more ducks our way and for the first time this season, we’ll have plenty of water to hold them.