Day 36: Hunters are discouraged

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Duck hunters are a hardy breed. You have to be to wade out through waist-deep water, often battling near freezing temperatures and mucky muddy bottoms. But optimism usually reigns in the most difficult of situations.

But now, we’ve been seeing near nothing when it comes to duck numbers, even the hardiest hunters are laying off for a few days. We had two groups go today and out of the two blinds, they got four ducks. As they rode around the 600 acre farm they counted 12 ducks. Twelve ducks. Wow.

There are ducks up north of us and the cold weather coming through Sunday through Tuesday should get some on down here. We’ve got plenty of water and a bunch of eager hunters. I’m hoping for the best the last three weeks. We can make up for a lot of lost time if the ducks will just cooperate.