Day 36: Lots of ducks around

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IMG_8451We took advantage of the rainy, yucky weather not to go hunting, but to scout Thursday. And what we found was encouraging. The wind was blowing pretty good and ducks were moving. We visited seven different fields and saw ducks in every one. There were also some ducks in the sky as well. It bodes well for the next couple of days with cold weather, wind and ducks looking good. There are a lot of mallards and gadwalls and these pintails keep showing up big time. We’ve got a lot of folks going this weekend, so we are hoping for the best.

You can never predict anything accurately, but things are shaping up pretty well for a good few days. There’s even a chance of snow on Monday. Been a long time since we’ve duck hunted in snow, but it would be fun to try.

Stay warm. Stay safe. Make sure someone knows where you are because the chance of getting wet out there in this type of conditions can turn serious really quickly.Stock up on what you need at Simmons  and BE SAFE!