Day 37: Almost feels like duck season

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Things really picked up for some folks yesterday and even more today. There are more ducks almost everywhere, but then all this new water has once again given them lots more places to go and hide. In fact, a lot of folks had to pump their duck blinds out before they could hunt in them. Some are under and can’t be pumped, especially the lower pit blinds. It’s a soupy, muddy mess out there, especially in high traffic areas.

But back to the good news. Some hunters smashed them today and it feels a little more like duck season is finally here. This weekend should be good if the ducks don’t move for some reason. We have more big ducks and big ducks working than anytime so far this season. Even if the birds around here leave for some reason, there are lots of ducks in south Arkansas and so maybe ours will be replinished by those.

Maybe it’s the light at the end of the tunnel.