Day 37: Ducks! We got ducks!

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Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 9.40.04 PMWe waited until almost dinnertime  to go out and hunt, but it was a good decision. We had a great spot and seven of us had a limit of 42 in just a couple of hours. We had 20 ducks on the water — or on the ice — in the first ten minutes. We saw more ducks than I’ve seen in a long time as it started thawing out a little bit. Or at least the ice isn’t as thick. We had a variety of ducks and saw more pintails than I’ve seen in a long time. We each got a pintail and we had mallards, gadwall and teal. There are still thousands of geese in the area, too.

It isn’t even near thawing in most places, but the ducks are hungry and looking for a good place to go. It wasn’t even thawed where we were. But the ducks worked great. We had several that came right in and landed right on the ice in front of us.  I think it is really going to be good this weekend and early next week. I think everybody is going to be happy when it thaws. It may be Sunday before it really happens, but it’s going to get better. Friday was everything a duck hunter wants. The right spot at the right time, lots of ducks, a good little wind and bright sunlight. This will be one of those hunts that we don’t forget about.

Get ready boys! They are coming in here and they won’t go back very much further north because it’s frozen up all across the flyway. Here’s hoping for more days like today for all of us.

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