Day 37: What a day to miss…

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Friday was probably one of the best days of the season. I was pretty excited about it. We got up, headed to the field, got all our warm clothes and waders on and went to crank the four wheeler.

The key words here are “went to”.

It wouldn’t crank. It wasn’t getting any power. We couldn’t figure it out there in the dark and cold, so we took off our warm clothes, got back in the truck and headed home again. I wasn’t too happy, but they got me fixed up.

Just as I expected, everybody I talked to smashed them today. It was cold, we had a good wind and the ducks were on the move. At least on the bright side, the thing didn’t start on the trailer. It would have been a tough situation if we would have been a three-mile walk back through the muck and mud from the blind to the truck.

The next couple of mornings are going to be tough. Most of our region will be frozen over unless you have deeper water. The wind might keep some of it thawed. If you go, make sure you are prepared for it. We don’t get cold like this very often.

Be safe out there.