Day 38: A few more ducks

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We’ve been begging for colder weather to get more ducks down our way. Well, the next few days, we get it. Lows will be in the upper 20’s Monday morning and in the 30’s most of the week. It’s freezing big time above us. I expect good increases in duck populations coming our way.

IMG_3436In fact, we had reports of more ducks in the sky today than in the past several weeks. We had a good hunt. We got 16 ducks, mostly teal and gadwalls. Most of the hunters I talked to today did much better. I’d say 85% of them saw a lot more ducks. A few places still aren’t killing many, though.  Tomorrow morning should be a good one. Temperatures will be right at freezing and a 9-10 mph wind. It just depends on the ducks.

We have a lot of water everywhere and that is hurting. The river is flooded out everywhere and the levee is closed, so that is keeping people from hunting and stirring them up there. I think the main thing has been that all those grain fields up north of us are loaded with ducks and food and until it gets snow or ice on it, they have no reason to leave. Hopefully that is changing this weekend.

We’ll get after them again in the morning and let you know what we find. Be safe out there. Take extra caution around the water. This is no time to be getting wet.