Day 38: Going the wrong way

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It seems like forever since the sun was shining in the morning during duck season, but it did Saturday morning. But the sun didn’t help much. There was a marked decline in the number of ducks from yesterday. I don’t understand it, but that’s the way it is.

There were some successful hunters early, but it slowed down. It may be that the bright sunny weather let them see all this new water and they went to areas where they weren’t getting any pressure. Either way, it seems like it’s going the wrong way after a couple of good days of improvement. We’re going after them in the morning again after missing a few days.

We’ll try and get a more detailed report. Stay tuned. And by the way, put this on your calendar. It’s time to step up and help this great guy and his family following a terrible hunting accident last week. Keep them in your prayers, and help out with the blood drive. And be safe out there. Everybody. Every day.

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