Day 38: Is it raining yet?

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Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 3.44.38 PMI think I know where the old saying, “like water running off a duck’s back” comes from. The last several days that’s all we’ve seen water, a.k.a., rain…running of the ducks’ backs, our backs and everything else. Relief is in sight. It is supposed to turn cold and clear the next few days.

Saturday morning right about legal shooting time the bottom fell out. We just ducked our heads — pardon the pun — and waited for it to stop. At one point, we couldn’t even see the decoys it rained so hard. But it let up. The ducks just didn’t fly, though. We killed 10 ducks and five geese but it was slow. I only talked to one or two people that did any better than that. A lot didn’t have any luck.

I’m optimistic about the duck hunting ahead of us for the next five or six days. The colder weather should bring new ducks. It is supposed to be clear and windy. All the new water should help hold them. The only thing I’m worried about is that all the new water will give the ducks places to lay up where they aren’t getting any hunting pressure. When live ducks started landing in an area that brings more ducks and then more if there isn’t anything to scare them up.

Only time will tell. We will be out there after them. I can tell you that.