Day 38: Two blinds; two limits

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Screen Shot 2020-01-04 at 6.34.28 PMSaturday was a good day. It was bright and sunny and we had a great wind. The ducks were flying and working real well. We had two blinds full of hunters and still had our guests from Realtree. Both blinds limited out. We’ve just got a lot of birds and the hunting is good right now. We had a lot of teal and pintail, but there is a good mix of ducks in the area. There are still some good hunts going on in the woods. The picture at the bottom is one of our regular readers and duck hunter Henry Barham and his guest . They had a good hunt on a little hole down not far from Oak Ridge.

We had an interesting kill this morning. We shot a banded pintail drake and when we registered it and got back the information, we found out it was a duck that was born around 2006 and had been banded in 2008 down on Catahoula Lake. It’s unusual to get one that old. He had made many a trip back and forth from Canada.

We are going on a little duck and goose adventure in a few days. I’ll report on that with you. This is a good time to go if you’ve got the chance. As always, be safe.

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