Day 39: It was an “o.k.” day

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Today wasn’t great, but it was an “o.k.” day in the duck blind. Four of us got 20 ducks and had a good hunt. There weren’t lots of ducks flying, but the ducks that we did see worked good. It is just as I suspected — all this rain has puddled up everywhere and the ducks are spread out everywhere. We rode around a while and everywhere you saw big areas of rainwater, there were groups of ducks.  That will run off tomorrow or the next day and things will get a little more concentrated.

Another thing that will happen this week is we get our first frigid temps of the year. That’s going to be interesting. We may have to break the ice this week to hunt.

I talked to several folks today from the river areas up to Jones and lots of folks killed some ducks, but not a whole lot. Most of them were mallards. I’m expecting some new ducks with the cold temps.  Check out the weather forecast below and break out your insulated hunting gear! If you don’t have enough, come see us at the store — we’ve got what you need!

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 4.40.35 PM