Day 39: Just too much water

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I’ll tell you, we thought things were really about to pick up, but that last dose of rain seems to have covered up half of northeast Louisiana in water. And while water is usually a friend of duck hunters, way too much water is terrible. That’s where we are. There are some hunters having success in pockets here and there. But most folks are looking at either empty skies or big bunches of ducks that just won’t work because they are headed somewhere else.

And now we are going to get more rain. Maybe the front will bring in some more ducks. That would help.

Sunday  morning we hunted until after 9 a.m. and got four ducks. We saw plenty, but they were headed for parts unknown. There are some good bunches of big ducks  with some mallards and gadwalls. Most people that are having good numbers are killing a few big ducks and filling up the numbers with teal.

We can only hope that we get more ducks, because this water situation isn’t going away this season. Stay after them. And be safe.

And remember the blood drive at the store for Matt Branch. The sportsmen of the area really need to step up big for this one.

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