Day 39: Mallards in the woods & more

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Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 6.33.53 PMYou might know it. I’ve gone on a little adventure to do a bit of different type of duck hunting and all my buddies this morning smoked the ducks. They got limits and did it pretty quickly. They got a bunch of mallards in the woods and heard good reports from other hunters as well. We have one area pumped up as kind of a sanctuary where we don’t hunt and there are more birds in there right now than there have been all season. There are a lot of ducks in our area. It’s funny, though, there are some ducks just about everywhere but we’ve got more than our share for some reason. It’s been good.

That’s a good sign that we are going to finish out the year strong, I think. We’ve got about 20 more days so we’ll see.

There are still a lot of geese in the area, but they have gotten pretty educated. They will float by in the field, see duck decoys and get out of dodge. There are still a few people killing them, but not like they were.

I’ll report on what we are doing in the next few days. Hope it turns out to be a good trip, especially knowing that there are so many ducks at home. Be safe.

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