Day 39: Some success

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This cold blast from the north is moving more ducks into the area. How long they stay, who knows. Most hunters had some success today, but still not what we are used to. I am hoping the next few days things really pick up.

There are more mallards in the area now and some ducks are working better, which means we probably have some new ducks. It still seems like it is cloudy all over the world and that isn’t helping anything. Monday morning it will be clear and down in the 20’s.  If you are out there, but extra careful. Things could be iced up a bit so watch your step, especially getting in and out of the blind.

Stay tuned. Here’s a quick look at the weather to the north of us….kind of what we were hoping for several weeks ago. That purple and dark blue represents extremely cold weather!

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 8.03.20 PM