Day 39: Sunday was tough; snow on the way

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We got 20 ducks today, but man it was hard work to get those 20. We had a good wind, but we just didn’t have many ducks. We didn’t see near the ducks we saw yesterday. It just wasn’t right.

We got a few geese to keep us busy, but overall for others we talked to it was like 10, five, three…something like that. This weather change coming would normally have us all excited, but I’m a little concerned because instead of coming down from up north moving birds, it’s coming from Texas and sweeping across the state from the west.

I don’t know what that will do. It could actually blow the ducks we’ve got out of here, or it could push in more. Come Tuesday or Wednesday morning we will know for sure. We are going to get after them in the morning and it looks like maybe duck hunt in the snow. That’s unusual for us, but it sounds like fun. It looks like we may be breaking ice Tuesday morning.

Be safe out there. Stay warm. Shoot ducks.

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