Day 4: Duck hunters get “mooned”

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IMG_0690This big full moon has the ducks feeding at night and when it’s this bright and clear, it’s hard for duck hunters to overcome that. If you haven’t gone outside and looked at it, you should. Man it is bright! In addition, we had no wind early today so it was a tough day.

We managed to kill 11 before we had to come in to the store, but it was work. There just were not a lot of ducks flying and the fact that not many people were hunting because of the weekday didn’t help either. Everybody we talked to reported pretty much the same thing.

Wednesday may not be much better either, but we will stay after them. You never know. This front coming in this weekend should push some more ducks down this way. There is also some snow and serious cold weather in the Midwest that could put on some flights. More people will be hunting over the holidays, so that should help as well.

Stay safe!