Day 4: It was a tough one

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No other way to say it. Yesterday was a tough one. It was a slow day for us and most folks. We did get 12, but it was gray and cold and worst of all, still.

The good news is it looks like Wednesday morning will be cold and have a 10 mile per hour wind. That’s more like it. It should make the ducks work a little bit better and I expect a big increase in the number of hunters over the next few days. We are going to try and new spot tomorrow that we haven’t hunted yet. I was told there are a lot of ducks on the field, so we’ll give it try.

With ducks at a premium, one thing I want to remind hunters about is always checking out the brush on your blind on a regular basis. We’ve had some powerful winds since most of us brushed up the blinds for the season. Make sure there aren’t any “bald spots” spooking the ducks from your shooting spot. We’ve got ours good to go. It’s important they don’t see anything to spook them away, especially on days when there isn’t any wind or it’s too cloudy.

Be safe out there.