Day 4: It’s all good

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There were lots of ducks and lots of big ducks this morning. Pintails, mallards and gadwalls were flying in bunches. It was cold this morning and a good bright morning and the ducks were flying. Three of us limited out by 7:30 a.m. and it was all big ducks. There are a lot of new ducks photo 1-1coming in to the area, too. This is unusual for this early, but we had 30-35 big ducks working in groups that would come in to the decoys. They are responding good to calling, too. It’s just been good!

Everybody I’ve talked to reported pretty much the same. South Arkansas is good. Down by Hwy. 15 was real good. The Mer Rouge/Jones area was good.  That cold weather we had really brought lots of ducks and they are holding, plus the new ducks. The weather is looking great through Monday so it should be an outstanding Thanksgiving holiday hunting weekend.

There are also loads of specklebellies flying. They stayed in big groups and were hard to get shots at today. Normally when you get one or two to break off, they’ll come down well within shooting range, but that was tough this morning. We saw a lot, but didn’t get many shots at them.