Day 4: Still slow

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Hunter and some of his friends went duck hunting this morning, but they didn’t see many. They got four mallards and a specklebelly. That was it. There were a few ducks flying early, but by 8 a.m., they were just gone. They just have so much water to go to that they can go where there isn’t anybody hunting. The bad thing it is the same all the way up to the Cache River in Arkansas. A buddy of mine told me that the river there was 10 miles out of its bank and what ducks they had were scattered to where only a few people would find them. A lot of folks are shooting some geese, but really, there aren’t as many geese as usual here. They have some good numbers up in Arkansas in some areas.

The story here is a few folks that got ducks and kept them there are killing a few, but nothing to get too excited about. It’s still early and this is typical for a lot of seasons.

If I have my way, we may have a first in the Duck Report — a deer picture. I went back this morning and tried my luck, but I didn’t see any shooters. I decided since the ducks were slow and the bucks were in the rut, I’d give them a try again. We’ll see.

Be safe out there whether you are deer hunting or duck hunting.