Day 40: Great day in the woods

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screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-3-15-23-pmIt was a pretty dang good day. The ice was tough, but we had a four-man limit of 24 big ducks with 16 greenheads in the flooded woods of south Arkansas. There were ducks everywhere. Wow.

When we got there at daylight, there was two inches of ice everywhere except out in a big deep area in the woods. It was wall to wall ducks. There were so many they kept it from freezing up. I bet there were 5,000 ducks on the water in that area. We broke a path in the ice to where they were and although a lot of them left, they came back. We had lots of 20 yard shots with them locking up and coming right in to the dozen or so decoys. I bet 80% of the ducks we saw were mallards. The timber is full of ducks because the water elsewherehas been frozen so hard.

That will begin to change Monday, but the good news is there are loads of ducks. Field hunting should pick back up tomorrow or the next day and it will be short-sleeve hunting weather by the end of the week if the forecast is right.

This is why we duck hunt. That’s quite an impressive load of big old ducks!

Be safe out there.