Day 40: The ducks catch a break

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I took a day off today. After going for I don’t know how long without one between working the holidays at the store to hunting every day possible, I decided I deserved it. So I let the ducks catch a break.

Not everybody did that, though. Duck hunting is a bit spotty right now. We had one blind with six people that killed 36 ducks. They stayed later, but then had some good action. We had another blind that killed seven ducks and didn’t see a whole lot more than that. They did leave earlier, though.   I did hear some good reports from McGowan Brake and some other areas, though.  It’s really hit or miss right now.

We may have to break out the ice breaking gear in a couple of days. I’ve got folks coming to hunt for the next two weeks so I’m hoping things pick up. I think they will. We may have to hunt a little later Thursday morning and give some places time to thaw a bit. Don’t let the weather keep you home. It’s a good week to hunt. And as of today, we are 2/3rds of the way through the 2014-15 season. Twenty days and counting to go…