Day 51: A good morning!

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Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 1.53.53 PMWe had a good morning Friday after having to lay out a few days due to the weather.

We killed 24 and had three specks by 7:20 and were back in the truck headed home by 8 a.m. That’s a good day. We had mostly teal, but we had four mallards and a couple of gadwalls. We also had a few specks.  We had a good wind and it was a good morning. The ducks worked like new ducks and came right on it. We didn’t see any big swarms, but the ducks were steady.

One thing that helped us this morning was that everybody shot good. We killed five in one bunch and four out of two others. It doesn’t take long to limit when you are doing that.

Some of my farmers told me they saw lots of ducks coming in yesterday afternoon. That got me excited about going back this morning and it paid off. It sounds like it will be good again this weekend. The total number of ducks are down from last month, but we still have so many more than this time last year.

The days are winding down. Get out there and enjoy yourself and be safe.