Day 41:…

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screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-5-40-08-pmWell, I’m not as happy today as I have been the past couple of days. The ducks were just GONE this morning from where we were hunting. We killed one duck and three snow geese.

I bet we didn’t see 25 ducks, so we hung it up about 8 o’clock and called it a day. I don’t know where they went. We were in a new spot from where we had been, but I would have bet this would be a good day. We did talk to a few people who killed ducks, but more who struck out. At the blind, beside the duck we killed, we saw two pintails that sped right on by and landed on the other end of the field. We saw 2 teal that came over the decoys and sped up to 85 miles an hour and didn’t look back. The other ducks were way off.

I have never seen it turn around that quickly. Normally with a south wind like today, the ducks that moved south due to the freeze would come back this way. But they didn’t come where we were. Maybe tomorrow.