Day 41: Ducks in the Oklahoma corn

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We made a trip out to Oklahoma the past few days to do some dry field duck hunting in the harvested corn fields. I’ve never done that before so we were excited about giving it a try. The first morning we killed 15 mallards and saw a lot of ducks.

But the second day, it was slow. It was cold and looked like there should be ducks everywhere, but they just didn’t have the numbers this year that they usually do. I started missing the duck hunting back in Mer Rouge pretty quickly. The guys hunting the farm limited out both days over the weekend and didn’t go back the last two days, saving some for me. I’ll be back tomorrow and after them the next few days before this weather hits.

We did some goose hunting, too and had some good opportunities but I guess we were trying to be purists or something and tried to get them too close. We didn’t get much shooting but it was fun and good to see some new territory. I’ve hunted mallards over the peanut fields before out in Texas and this was similar. We had makeshift blinds out of grass around the edge of the cow ponds. The ducks would feed in the fields and then come back and rest in the ponds.

We didn’t hit it just right, either. The full moon had them feeding at night. We did eat good and had a great time, which is part of why we love to hunt anyway. But I’m ready to get home and get after some Louisiana mallards!