Day 41: Ducks were spooky

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We saw a lot of ducks today, but they just didn’t want to work. About 99.99% of them would come down and look, but they just wouldn’t work. We had a big group of hunters today and I was disappointed it wasn’t better, but nine of us did kill 31. We also had a lot of big ducks and about 23 of those we got were mallards. That’s good.

We even stayed with it until noon, but things just didn’t change. The ducks would circle and then get close, but we had a west wind which was bad for that blind and they would get behind the blind and then take off.

I didn’t talk to a lot of folks today, but it seems pretty much the same for everybody. The rain still has a lot of water to scatter the ducks and we aren’t seeing any new ducks. We didn’t hear a lot of shooting either. Surely this cold weather coming tomorrow will do it. And we are supposed to have a good wind tomorrow.

We will stay after them. If there’s one thing that I have learned, it’s that you can’t predict what they’ll do. Here’s hoping for better results the rest of the week.