Day 41: Not too cold for the ducks!

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Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 3.47.04 PMIf you think 24 degrees is cold walking out to get the mail, imagine what it feels like sitting in the duck blind at daylight staring into a north wind. Made you shiver, didn’t we? It was cold Tuesday morning, but with the great clothes and gear we’ve got today, it wasn’t as bad for hunters as you might think.

We’ve come a long way in that regard. But cold is still cold. Nothing warms you up more than ducks flying.

Ducks were flying pretty good this morning, but it was still and not much  wind. They worked okay, but some wind would have made it more like yesterday for everybody. If you were hunting the real shallow water, you probably had problems with it freezing up. There was even some snow still on the ground in some places, especially in the woods and near where there was some shade.

The ducks were definitely heading to the deeper stuff because they aren’t going to land on ice unless that’s all their is. We are seeing more teal today, mostly mallards and teal, but still a lot of pintails.

Everybody reported pretty good success today. They have been killing some ducks on the river, but the water rose and they moved. They are still out there somewhere.  Be safe. This is looking like a good week if the number of ducks hold out. Still a lot of geese flying as well.

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