Day 41: One is the loneliest number

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Well, we don’t have a report like this very often. We went this morning, shot at one duck and came home early. There just weren’t any flying. Some folks may be having better luck, but it’s pretty sad around here.

There’s one spot we’ve got that may be holding a few birds and we’ll try it in the morning. We will let you know.

There is a little front coming in and some nasty weather up north of us. We heard from several people that a lot of ducks were heading in ahead of that front. That is good news. We had a little bump last week, but the ducks went away. Maybe the cold front will also help stir up the ones that are here. You know things aren’t good when we start talking about weather and not ducks. but the two are related and as you can see below, the temps ( red line ) are taking a dive.

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 5.36.14 PM