Day 42: A few flying, a few dying

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We had a few ducks flying this morning and a few dying. We didn’t do great, but we killed nine. There was no wind early and ducks flew a little bit later. We did not see the ducks that we had heard were in the area the afternoon before. I don’t know where they went, but I suspect they found plenty of water to go to where there are no blinds and there is no shooting. Again, it’s the same as almost every day. A few folks are killing a few, but nobody is killing a lot. In fact, there aren’t hardly enough hunters to keep them stirred up.

There’s just so much water. Everything is full and the rivers are all overflowing into the woods. The ducks that are here are so scattered. There aren’t even many geese here. It has gotten kind of weird.  I think it is still so mild up north of us that the ducks and geese just haven’t come south yet. They don’t come just for fun. They only come as far south as they have to.

We will go try a different spot in the morning. We just have to grit it out and hope that it gets better.