Day 42: It was tough

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Boss surveys the situation
“Boss” surveys the situation

The picture above of “Boss“, my hunting dog, pretty much says it all. If it looks to you like he’s wondering where the ducks are, you are right. And he wasn’t the only one.

We had a lot of ducks right at daylight and killed five early, but then they got in that wind and just took off. The wind was gusting 25-30 miles an hour and that pretty much keeps the ducks in the water hiding somewhere.  We finally loaded up and went up to Arkansas and tried another blind. We stopped and ate a sausage biscuit and took our time, getting there about 10 a.m. We IMG_0295stayed until after noon and only got seven more. It wasn’t a terrible hunt because we had fun, but it wasn’t what I was hoping for in duck numbers.

We did see some high flying ducks so I have hope. We’ve got folks down from Pennsylvania and a few other places North, so we are giving it our best shot. Thursday morning if it hits 15 degrees like they say it will, you’d have to be a raving lunatic to be out there at daybreak. Yes, I will be there. In fact, my guests from up North say that isn’t even cold. We’ll see.

If you do go the next couple of days, please be extra careful and make sure you stay warm and don’t get wet. And don’t slip on the ice…