Day 42: Proud of 11

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Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 1.14.33 PMMan, the snow melted and most of the ducks took off. Those that stayed were tough on hunters. We scratched out 11 this morning and we were proud of that. Others we talked to killed two, five, eight and the likes. That’s still better than zero, but you know we always like to kill more!

It was cloudy early and they didn’t work well. The good news is the next couple of days there will be a good south wind and sunny skies, at least that is the forecast. The south wind usually brings some ducks back to the area. We’ll see.

Reports are the same from just about everywhere. There are still some mallards in the woods off the river and the fields are still full of pintails. There are some big wads of geese in the area, but most folks are concentrating on the ducks. And the geese just keep getting smarter every day of the season.