Day 43: Morning ice, afternoon ducks

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IMG_0298Even I wasn’t crazy enough to go out Thursday at daybreak with the temperatures around 15 degrees. That wind even made it seem colder. So we waited until after lunch to go to the blind, thinking that maybe the ice would be thawing in some places. Wrong. It was still frozen solid. Some of the ice was two inches thick. We were determined, so we broke up a hole in front of the blind with the four-wheeler. For two hours, we did not see a duck.

Then, about 3 p.m., they started showing up and they hit the little open water spot pretty well. We ended up killing our limit. But it never got above freezing. The folks that have a slough or cypress brake may have done some good today, but since we hunted in the afternoon, I didn’t get to talk to many people. The ice moved the ducks around for sure, but maybe after today, we’ll see some new ducks.

It could be more of the same Friday. We’ll go later again and maybe pick up some ducks then. Maybe the ice won’t be as thick. We’ll let you know how it goes.