Day 43: Z E R O

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Well, I guess this had to happen sometime. We haven’t had a really bad report all this year, but today’s total count was zero. Not a duck. I just don’t know. We saw some ducks, but we didn’t kill a one. I don’t know if the ducks have gone to the Mississippi River because of all the water there, or if they are just laying up because there aren’t many people hunting. I know with this full moon, they are feeding at night and then flying back somewhere during the day. It isn’t anything for the ducks to feed in Mer Rouge and fly to Vicksburg if there’s a place nobody is bothering them.

We didn’t just hunt until 7 a.m. either. We stayed past 10:30 and heard very little shooting.

A lot of folks killed ducks this weekend. A few shot some today, but I haven’t heard any good reports. Maybe this big rain that is coming will give us some new slash water and get them gathering back up. I don’t know if we’ll try again Friday or not. I’m not very motivated. And it will be worse Saturday. We’ll keep up best we can with what’s going on. Thanks for following the duck report.

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Be safe.

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