Day 44: Ice Capades visits

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IMG_0303There is a traveling entertainment show called “Ice Capades” that I’m sure you’ve heard of. Well, “Ice Capades” came to a flooded rice field near you this week. It was so bad this morning that we didn’t even go. The decoys were iced in solid and even though we had a good hunt yesterday, it wasn’t worth repeating today. In fact, the weather made the duck blind feel more like the ice box. As you can see from these pictures, it was cold outside yesterday. We had to break ice to free decoys again today and we made an opening in the ice to hunt.

IMG_0312That’s pretty much what we heard from everybody and not that many people even braved it. It will be the same Saturday morning. We may try an afternoon hunt if it thaws some.

We always wish for plenty of water and cold weather and we’ve got it now. We just need it to thaw enough to bring back some ducks or bring us some new ones.

Stay tuned. Be safe out there.