Day 44: Just so there are ducks

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We’ve had two times this duck season already when it was in the 20’s one day, then in the 70’s another. It has played havoc with the ducks because when it freezes they have to go somewhere. Usually that is further south.

We’ve killed ducks in the fields and also gone to the deeper water in the woods and killed ducks. Even the woods water will freeze, but usually if there are enough ducks in a spot, they will keep it from freezing over. Somebody asked me which I preferred. My answer is simple — I don’t care. Just so there are ducks.

This week has been one of those times. We fought breaking ice and now we are fighting mosquitoes. It’s crazy. but that is part of duck hunting. We are still getting mixed reports of success but I’m expecting more ducks to come back to our area with these strong south winds. More hunters out the next few days will help keep them stirred up.

Stay tuned here for the latest reports. Here’s the current warm weather forecast, with some rain headed our way early next week.

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