Day 45: Cold — and our first WINNER!

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IMG_0301It was ducks on ice again Saturday. I didn’t hear a lot of reports, but two of us did go out this morning and break up some ice. We killed a limit early thanks to some teal that came in buzzing the decoys. We didn’t waste any time getting them and had a limit by 8 a.m.  We did see quite a few more ducks, but I’m not sure there were enough for four or five us to get a limit. I’m hopeful more are headed back to our area.

My son-in-law went out this afternoon and busted up some of the ice, so we are hopeful that if it doesn’t get too cold tonight, maybe it’ll be easy to keep a “hole” tomorrow morning. We are also hoping to get in a good hunt before it starts raining. There is a chance of 34 degree weather and light rain. That isn’t a good combination around here. If you do go out Sunday morning, be careful.

duckdecoyIn other news, we drew for our first Duck Report prize winner yesterday. Congratulations to Dustin Binegar of Brandon, Mississippi. Dustin won a dozen duck decoys. We’ll be contacting him about his prize if he doesn’t read it here first. We’ve got two more regular prizes, a Drake Duck Blind Bag and a Baby MOJO mallard decoy, followed by a drawing for our grand prize at the end of the season, a $100 Simmon’s Gift Certificate. All you have to do to enter is sign up on the “WIN PRIZES” link at the right column of the report. What are you waiting for?

Wow, can you believe there are only 15 days left in duck season in the East Zone. As a reminder, the East Zone and Coastal zone seasons run through Jan. 25 ad the West Zone closes Jan. 18. There will also be two other one-day youth waterfowl hunts Jan. 31 in the East Zone (our area) and  Jan. 24 in the West Zone. Both youth hunt days in the Coastal Zone were held at the first of the season. Double check all the dates in your area and regulations before you go!

Hopefully this coming week will be the time to rack ’em and stack ’em, like in the photo below from an earlier hunt: