Day 45: Not bad for a rainy day

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         A bad day in the blind is better than a good day at work, right?

Today we put three quarters of the 2018-19 season behind us. Wow. It went fast and it’s been tough.

But even with the rain early this morning, the folks that were brave enough to go seemed to have done pretty well. Maybe the rain and that little bit of wind made it easier to get them down into the decoys. At least that’s what we are hearing. I believe there are a lot more ducks the past couple of weeks. Folks around Mer Rouge were doing a lot of shooting and reports we got were 8, 10, 15 per blind that stayed after them on up in the morning. Nothing to take pictures of and hang on the wall, but better than we have been hearing.

Two weeks left. I’ve been a little slow to get after them because it has been so poor, but I plan on buckling down and making the best of what we’ve got. Maybe these last two weeks will be decent.

Always keep safety first.