Day 45: Not much to report

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A few folks apparently went out after the storms passed through and hunted on up into the morning. They killed a few ducks and geese, but there weren’t many out there. It will take a day or two to evaluate what this weather did to the duck numbers in the area. It could have blown all ours somewhere else, or it could have blown us some more in here. There wasn’t much place for them to go and hide through Saturday morning’s early storms.

We’ll catch up on the reports and get back out there soon. Be safe.  If you get a chance, you might want to check on your blinds and decoy spreads and make sure they weathered the storm. Check on the brush and make sure you are good and hidden from the ducks and get the blinds pumped out for starters.

We’re going to have a special, unprecedented kind of “hunting” report the next two days. Stay tuned!