Day 45: Saturday hunts were mixed

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006We got a mixed report today. We had a tough morning, but we had another blind that really killed them. The good thing is that the specks were really flying and  almost everybody was getting a few specks. We heard the same throughout the area, somebody killed 2, somebody got 8, 11 — no big numbers and not many limits anywhere. The pintails that have been everywhere weren’t even working as good as they had been. This is the first morning I remember that we didn’t get a limit of pintails. We heard the same thing from south Arkansas.

It’s just that kind of time of the year. We are in a little lull and not getting any new ducks. There are plenty here for some folks to kill them, but we just aren’t racking them up. Hopefully we’ll get a weather change or something that will give us a late season push. We need it to finish out a good year.

I will say this, the specks have really saved a lot of hunts this year. The new limit and the number of specks that stayed in the area have provided some good shooting and eating.