Day 45: Still mixed results

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Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 1.02.22 PMWith the weekend, there were a lot more hunters, so the ducks kept on the move during the day. It was a good hunt for many, but others struggled. There seem to be a good many ducks in the area, but they aren’t just everywhere.

We are seeing mostly big ducks. Many of the teal moved south with that last cold front. Usually they are the first to come back with the south wind, but most hunters haven’t seen as many as earlier. The sunshine helped the ducks work today and we should have the same results Sunday. A lot of folks feel like I do. Even if the hunting isn’t top notch right now, it’s still better than last year. Most hunters who have been more than just a few times have also already harvested more ducks this year than the whole season last year.

Keep after them. We are heading toward the home stretch. Always be safe out there. We’ll have more details for you tomorrow.