Day 45: This is duck season

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IMG_8451Cold. Wind. Wet. Ducks.

This is duck season. And right now, it’s pretty good. No more of those 65 degree days and swatting mosquitoes in the blind, looking northward wondering when the ducks are coming. Well, the mosquitoes are gone and the ducks are here, or at least flying by heading somewhere else. More ducks than many have seen in a long time. Some are staying around here. Others are migrating further south. But it is far from boring.

There was some good hunting success reported Saturday morning with a lot of hunters getting limits. Again, most had to work for them and vary the early season techniques a bit. We’ve got a lot of teal and gadwall, but some mallards, too. The geese are stilll thick almost everwhere there is food. Expect it to stay that way the next two days, then Mother Nature is going to lay another freeze attack on us. If you’ve got any deep water holes you can hunt, you might want to check them out after Sunday.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so just check out the forecast below…

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 6.30.01 PM